What Fairy Tales Get Wrong About Love <3

Hello everyone!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, but my blogging is turning insane. (LOL). Today I’m blogging over at SamieSisters.com. It’s a web site for tween girls and their parents. They’re doing great things for God — their page on how to be saved has already garnered over 1000 hits! Hooray!! If you have a tween girl or know  one, or are the parents of a tween girl or know some, send them by this site. It’s full of really good, relevant stuff for our growing girls of today and all from a Christian perspective. It also has questions that young girls have written in and asked about God, and some of these questions are tough! The most recent one was “If Jesus is God’s son, then they can’t really be the same person any more than my brother is the same person as my dad. So the whole trinity thing doesn’t make sense to me. Can you help?” – check out http://www.samiesisters.com/ask-a-samie/168-i-don-t-understand-the-whole-trinity-thing-can-you-help for our answers.

My post today is trying to put perspective on the lies we learn about love from watching fairy tales. Stop by and check it out:


Have you read your Bible today? Prayed? Why not do it now? 😉


4 thoughts on “What Fairy Tales Get Wrong About Love <3

  1. That is an excellent post. #1 is something I think really needs to be clarified for newlyweds. And something parents can help their children prepare for by teaching their children how they work through conflict with each other. While I agree parents shouldn’t really fight in front of their kids, I do think kids need to see their parents work through things. So when they are married and having conflicts, they don’t think their marriage is a fluke.

  2. So, what’s the story behind your love of The Little Mermaid? I never cared for the original as it was too sad. And then I saw a Korean tv drama loosely based (or maybe “inspired” is a more appropriate word) on The Little Mermaid. And that version is amazing.

    • Good question. I think two things. #1- I love the water and have always wanted to be a mermaid. #2- The story is so poignant and personifies sacrificial love. Here’s a creature with no soul that ends up in paradise because of her sacrifice. I felt sorry that she didn’t get the guy but was glad she got something even better.

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