2 Samuel 23: David’s Mighty Men

I remember as a kid loving to read the exploits of the judges and David’s mighty men–the original superheroes.

Imagine killing 800 men in one battle with a spear. How long would that take?

Imagine standing with David while the rest of the army fled and killing so many of the enemy that you couldn’t raise your sword. (I probably can’t even raise a sword now, but still…)

Imagine standing alone while the rest of your army fled and beating back the enemy forces by yourself. In the middle of a field of lentils. (Not sure what the lentils have to do with anything, but still…)

How is that possible?

One word…


While The Three and The Thirty did amazing things, their abilities were supernatural. Abilities from God. And that means they were faithful men. That they trusted God to do mighty things through them. The believed in the impossible.

Imagine having faith like that.


One thought on “2 Samuel 23: David’s Mighty Men

  1. Did you hear about the tv show a few years back that was based on David? I haven’t seen it yet and from what I’ve read, the network was afraid to commit to reach out to what could have been their biggest supporters (Christian viewers) so the show ended up canceled after one or two seasons. But it is stories like above that make me think how awesome such a show could have been.

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