1 Chronicles 22-25: Music

Sometimes, little gems are hidden in the text. Those sentences you read and think, that’s odd. One caught my eye today. In reading about David’s preparations for building the LORD’s temple in Jerusalem (gathering supplies for Solomon), he put the Levites in charge of supervising the project.

The Levites were the tribe in charge of construction, storage, and moving the Tabernacle through the wilderness. Now that the nation would have a permanent home for God in Jerusalem, the Levites’ duties had to change.

Here’s the breakdown of David’s assignments:

  • 24,000 construction supervisors
  • 6,000 officials and judges
  • 4000 gatekeepers
  • 4000 musicians

Wait – 4,000 musicians?

Musicians were instructed to “praise the LORD with musical instruments” (23:5) and “proclaim God’s messages to the accompaniment of lyres, harps, and cymbals” (25:1).

If you think about construction these days, it’s not until after the building is complete that you need the musicians. At first, I pictured a bunch of musicians hanging around the construction area playing songs much the way we use radios these days. Who knows, maybe they did that. More likely, they spent the time in training (25:7).

What it does show us is the importance of praise and worship.

“At each morning and evening they stood before the LORD to sing songs of thanks and praise to him.” (23:30)

So today, crank up the Christian radio and praise God at the top of your lungs!


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