2 Thessalonians: Subliminal Messages


There are a lot of notable things in Paul’s second letter to the church at Thessalonika, Greece. He writes about hardship and suffering. He writes about events prior to Christ’s return. He writes about how believers should live.

The things that kept grabbing my eye as I read the letter today were Paul’s many references to what “God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ” grant believers:

  • Grace and peace (1:2)
  • Justice (1:5, 6)
  • (Promise of) Rest (1:7)
  • Ability to live a worthy life (1:11)
  • Power to accomplish good things (1:11)
  • Grace (1:12)
  • Love, grace, eternal comfort, a wonderful hope (2:16)
  • Comfort, strength in every good thing (2:17)
  • Strength, protection from the evil one (3:3)
  • Full understanding/expression of the love of God, patient endurance (3:5)
  • Peace at all times and in every situation (3:16)
  • Grace (3:18)

Paul’s theology just oozes out of him when he writes. It’s like subliminal messaging. As he speaks about church issues, there’s this running reminder of all the things God is and does for us. And it didn’t escape my notice that grace made the list four separate times. 🙂


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