1 Kings 7 – The Molten Sea

Happy Easter Monday! Last week was crazy. I clocked 30 hours Friday-Sunday because I work at a church. It was a fantastic weekend, but busy, busy. I’m happy to have today off to do things like read the Bible, do laundry, and write. šŸ™‚

I don’t have anything insightful to say today. I read about theĀ building and furnishing of Solomon’sĀ temple, specifically about all the things that were cast from brass.Ā I was specifically intrigued by The Sea, or The Molten Sea, as some call it. It was 7.5 feet tall, 15 feet across, and the cup portion was 3 inches thick. It could hold ~16,500 gallons of water. It rested on the back of 12 bronze oxen. The priests washed in it.

The thing that is puzzling me: how did the priests wash in a basin that was at least 7.5 feet tall? Did they stand on the backs of the oxen? Did they have a step stool? I’ve spent a few minutes looking at pictures but no one seems to have addressed this issue.

The other thing I found interesting was the size of some of these brass-cast pieces. In addition to the gargantuan Sea, the brass worker Huram also cast two ginormous pillars for the temple – 27 feet tall and 18 feet in circumference (that’s a diameter of ~6 ft if I did my math correctly). He also made the wash basins in one piece. I would have liked to have watched him do that.

Just for fun, here is a short video on the casting process if you’re interested.



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